artist’s statement

My recent work on paper explores narrative and storytelling through the creation of imaginary landscapes integrated with abstract elements and found papers from popular culture — wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazines, newspapers, comics, my own photographs, ribbon — and acrylic paint. My layering process begins as an improvisation and an appreciation of how torn posters on subway and building walls reveal layers of memory as the disparate parts unravel and unexpected realities emerge. Through this additive process and the juxtaposition of the abstract and and the representational, my surfaces become interwoven networks and dense webs of vision not unlike our packed urban environment. The work constantly changes and fractures as papers are repeatedly added, sanded, painted ,and repainted. The distressed surfaces, the fragile female images and the other figurative , floral and textural forms contain their own associations and histories as they fuse with fields of color, form and pattern.